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IDEC集团积极参与包括ESG在内的可持续发展相关活动和信息披露。 通过这些努力,我们收到了外部组织的各种评价。



■FTSE Blossom Japan Index / FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index

2022 年首次入选富时罗素 (FTSE Russell) 开发的FTSE Blossom Japan、FTSE Blossom Japan Relative指数的成分股。2023 年,我们已连续第二年入选。

S&P/JPX 碳效率指数






External Evaluation on Sustainability

Rated "B" score at CDP 2023 Climate Change Report

IDEC was rated a "B" score at the "Climate Report 2023" disclosed by CDP in February 2024. CDP is a non-profit organization (NGO) that was established in the UK in 2000 and is operated with support from investors in various countries. CDP surveys on climate change, forests, and water resource management for private companies and local governments and discloses the results. In 2023, more than 23,000 companies, equivalent to two-thirds of the world's market capitalization, disclosed environmental information through CDP questionnaires, The number of Japanese companies that responded was with approximately 2,000.
IDEC's "B" score for climate change in 2023 is at the management level in CDP's classification, which indicates that the a company understands its own environmental risks and impacts and takes actions on climate issues.
IDEC expressed our support for TCFD in 2021 and started to disclose climate-related financial information in 2022. Currently, IDEC addresses initiatives for achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.